Kids and Families Need Mad River More than Ever 

Strong youth programs are the future of Mad River, and currently serve over 300 children every year. The Cooperative demonstrated its commitment to youth development by pioneering the free pass for kids under 12, a program which was quickly emulated by other ski areas. Powder Magazine has named Mad River Glen as "the best place to grow up skiing." Graduates of the Freeski program have achieved victories on the Freeride World Tour, and graduates of the Race Program have been selected for the US Ski Team.

Today, Mad River's youth programs are limited by insufficient facilities. The Youth & Family Development initiative proposes an expansion of the Ski School area in the Basebox to address the severe overcrowding that currently exists. Renovations to the Birdcage, including a vestibule and a new deck, will provide a better on-mountain facility for youth programs, help bring more traffic to the Birdland area, and relieve pressure on the Basebox. The current handle tow will be replaced with a carpet-type surface lift, and a portion of the endowment will be built to support youth services in perpetuity. The leadership of the Mad River Glen Cooperative has determined that the minimum needs for the Youth & Family Development Initiative are $1,450,000.

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