Completed | Upcoming Projects

Replacing outdated and unreliable mountain equipment is an important way that the campaign can enhance operational efficiency and continue to deliver an outstanding skiing experience. The new equipment allows our dedicated staff to address long-standing issues such as mountain drainage.

Completed Projects


Excavator & Dump Truck

In early 2018 the campaign funded a new excavator and a dump truck, both lightly-used. The excavator was immediately put to work installing new culverts around the mountain. According to Nate Martin, Mountain Operations Manager: “We’ve needed a dump truck and excavator for quite some time and we are so grateful to have them. It is enabling us to do so much up on the hill and making us more efficient too. Thanks to the campaign for making it possible!”



In December 2015, the Cooperative made its first major campaign-related purchase: a PistenBulley 400 grooming machine. The "new to us" groomer replaced a PistenBulley groomer that was two decades old and was becoming increasingly expensive to operate. The new machine has proven be be a reliable and essential asset since it was purchased.


Mountain Mower

In the summer of 2017, the campaign funded the purchase of a lightly-used Aebi mountain mower. The mower replaced three hand-operated power mowers that were no longer in service, and a rented tractor that was expensive to operate and had significant liabilities. The new mower is reducing operating costs and allowing us to mow when conditions are most favorable. It’s gentler on our terrain and mulches the cuttings, helping our trails to be skied with limited natural snow.


ATV & Snow Machines

During the winter of 2018, the campaign funded a much-needed new all-terrain vehicle and two new snow machines. All equipment was purchased lightly used and will provide many years of reliable service.


upcoming Projects

Mad River Glen’s second groomer, which is over two decades old, is nearing the end of its service life. The campaign will fund a replacement groomer, ensuring that we have two reliable machines for busy grooming periods and to provide reliable backup. The campaign will also fund an additional snow machine to keep our mountain staff well-equipped.