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Our famous winding trails and legendary glades are the essence of what makes Mad River Glen special. There is perhaps no more cost-effective use of campaign funds!

Completed Projects



In 2018, the campaign funded the replacement of culverts on no fewer than 15 of our trails, including Canyon, Broadway, Porcupine, Bunny, and Antelope. The work was facilitated by the purchase of a new excavator. With the majority of our terrain dependent on natural snow, replacing damaged or inadequate culverts and repairing water bars is one of the most effective ways to make the best of what Mother Nature provides on our natural snow trails and minimize damage from thaws.



In 2017 and 2018, the campaign funded a summer trail crew to perform much needed maintenance on our trails and glades. Our legendary glades have been freshened up and received essential maintenance, and growth that has encroached on our trails over the last two decades has been cut back in certain areas. Our new mower is also helping to keep our trails well-manicured so they require less natural snow coverage.


upcoming Projects

Additional drainage work will continue over the next couple of seasons to finalize this important project. The seasonal trail crew work will continue for the duration of the campaign to ensure that our trails and glades remain in top shape.