Mad River Glen stands apart as a timeless oasis of traditional, natural skiing in a mass-market world. Over the last two decades, the Cooperative has forged an independent path in the ski industry. Today, our mountain needs substantial capital investment, but with the generous support of our community, Mad River will remain strong in the years ahead.

Preserve Our Paradise is a major campaign to raise the funds to preserve and sustain Mad River Glen for the next decade and beyond. The campaign incorporates a thoughtful and cost-effective plan to fund essential capital improvements grouped within four Initiatives to address the most urgent needs of the mountain, while maintaining our rustic nature and traditional skiing experience. With the generous support of Mad River Glen’s loyal skiers, the campaign will help ensure financial stability, efficient operations, and a better customer experience. 

What are the initiatives?

After extensive research, including independent professional analysis and numerous interviews, the Cooperative Board of Trustees, management, and campaign volunteers have identified four key initiatives: 

  • Mountain Preservation: preserving the mountain by replacing the aging snowmaking system; replacing the Birdland lift; performing essential lift work and mountain work; and establishing an endowment to support future preservation in perpetuity

  • Skier Safety & Services: enhancing skier safety by renovating the Ski Patrol building

  • Youth & Family Development: supporting youth programs by expanding overcrowded facilities and updating the Birdcage

  • Community Preservation: preserving the community through cost-effective improvements to the historic Basebox to enhance customer experience and provide operational efficiency

All improvements will be in keeping with the simple and rustic traditions of Mad River. The challenges ahead are great, but together we can ensure that Mad River Glen will remain financially secure, stay true to its traditional nature, and continue to be an authentic and unique ski experience for generations to come. 

Why philanthropy?

The Mad River Glen Cooperative has achieved success and financial stability by going its own way and staying true to its founding mission, but the Cooperative’s modest annual profits are not adequate to fund the mountain’s long-term capital needs. Although the Cooperative has addressed some of the critical deferred maintenance it inherited, many capital assets and systems are now nearing the end of their life expectancy. Our aging snowmaking system requires upgrades, the original 1967 Birdland lift will need to be replaced in coming years, the Basebox and Birdcage need substantial renovations, and our vehicles are wearing out. 

Mainstream ski areas finance massive capital investment through non-ski sources of revenue such as real estate sales, and by putting huge numbers of skiers on the mountain. This model is neither feasible nor in keeping with the Cooperative’s mission, leaving philanthropy as the only realistic option. The very successful Single Chair Campaign demonstrated the potential of philanthropy for Mad River Glen. The Cooperative is partnering with the Stark Mountain Foundation to allow fully tax-deductible donations. In order to enable thoughtful contributions, pledges can be distributed through 2021.

See what’s been accomplished to date & what’s to come | Watch the Campaign Video | View the Campaign Brochure (.pdf)