Enhancing the Traditional Ski Experience


Perhaps no initiative is more important than preserving the mountain experience that makes Mad River so unique. Our aging snowmaking system will be replaced, a project that has already started with an upgrade of the electrical system in 2016 and new snow guns in 2017. Additional snowmaking system upgrades will improve efficiency by replacing infrastructure, and be performed in a manner compatible with any future expansion. The original Birdland Lift will be replaced with a “new to us” lift, and other lifts will receive essential upgrades and maintenance. An early campaign purchase was a modern used groomer. Remaining machines will be replaced, reducing maintenance costs and improving grooming effectiveness.

The initiative will also fund vital mountain work, such as repair of bridges and culverts, trail maintenance, and enhanced snow management through cost-effective steps such as reseeding trails and enabling snow reservoirs. These projects will ensure the continued efficient and safe operation of the ski area while maintaining and preserving a traditional skiing experience for future generations. 

A key goal will be growing our Stark Mountain Paradise Fund endowment. Created in partnership with Stark Mountain Foundation and Vermont Community Foundation in 2016, and kickstarted by early contributions and strong investment returns, its current value is over $290,000. Future growth will fund mountain preservation initiatives and help provide financial stability.

The leadership of the Mad River Glen Cooperative has determined that the needs for the Mountain Preservation Initiative are $3,230,000. Projects will be ongoing from 2015 through 2022, including new snow guns for winter 2017 and a new snowmaking pump and pipes for 2018. 

Other initiatives: Skier Safety & Services | Youth & Family Development | Community Preservation