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Keeping our lifts operating in top condition is an essential component of Mad River Glen operations. The campaign will fund several significant improvements to our lift infrastructure to ensure we continue to provide reliable access to our terrain.

Completed Projects

frame lift.JPG

Practice Slope Lift

In the summer of 2018, the Practice Slope chairlift received substantial upgrades funded by the campaign. New lifting frames were installed on all the towers, which will greatly enhance worker safety for our loyal staff and make ongoing lift work much more efficient. A new variable-speed drive was installed, which is more energy-efficient and will facilitate loading for small kids.

upcoming Projects

Birdland old chair.jpg

Birdland Lift

The Birdland double chairlift, whose towers and drive date to 1967, will require significant investment in the near future to remain operational. After considering various options, management has recommended that the most cost-effective plan is to renovate the existing lift, including replacement of the drive. These renovations will ensure that this important asset will remain in reliable operation for many years to come.

Handle Tow

The Callie’s Corner handle tow, which was purchased second-hand nearly two decades ago, will need to be refurbished in order ensure that our beginner skiers will continue to have a great learning area at Mad River Glen.

Tower Painting

Towers for the Sunnyside double chairlift and Practice Slope chairlift will receive much-needed repainting.