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Our aging buildings have substantial deferred maintenance that urgently needs to be addressed. During the remaining phase of the campaign, the significant building-related projects on the Basebox and the Ski Patrol will be our major focus. The campaign will fund renovation that is in keeping with the nonprofit mission of the campaign’s fiscal partner, Stark Mountain Foundation. All work will be done in a cost-effective manner and will not change the simple and rustic nature of our facilities.

Completed Projects



In the fall of 2018, significant renovations were made to the Birdcage, thanks to donations that were earmarked for this project. The centerpiece of the renovations is a new wrap-around deck similar to the famous Basebox deck. The new deck will be a great place to hang out on sunny days! A new energy-efficient entrance will make the interior much more comfortable and inviting and save operating costs. A revitalized Birdcage will be an important asset for our youth programs and will help relieve crowding in the Basebox.

Warming Hut

In 2015, the campaign funded purchase of construction materials for a new patrol/warming hut at the top of the Double Chair. The hut was expanded to allow use as a warming hut for the Ski School. The building was constructed entirely with volunteer labor, primarily from the Ski Patrol. The project demonstrated how the spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy can come together at Mad River Glen.

double warming hut.jpeg

Upcoming Projects



The Basebox renovations will be the campaign’s largest single project. The Facilities Committee and management are currently meeting monthly to develop the Basebox plans. The Facilities Committee is a board-chartered committee made up of shareholders with architecture, design, and construction experience. Proposed renovations include expansion of overcrowded bathrooms; improving the youth program area; repairing structural problems, including the foundation; and upgrades of mechanical systems to meet current code requirements and improve energy-efficiency. Construction is currently slated for 2020-21.

Patrol Building.jpg

Ski Patrol Building

The Facilities Committee and Management are also hard at work to finalize plans to renovate the aging Patrol Building. Goals of the renovations include improved patient care and services; updated building systems; structural improvements; additional space for Patrol and Ski School gear; and an updated interior and aesthetics. Construction is currently slated for 2020.